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”TempNet® makes everyday operations easier and safer. Alerts about temperature deviations are sent without delay by text message. Having enough time to react allows us to avoid possible wastage. It also allows us to detect any faults in our refrigeration equipment. Documentation is automatic, and reporting for example to the authorities is very easy to do retrospectively. It is easy to use even from home.”

– managing director of a consumer goods cash & carry outlet

TEMPNET® Easy food safety monitoring

  • Automatic self-
    monitoring reports

    The online Sensire TempNet® is the best solution for monitoring food temperatures and energy consumption as it automatically takes care of official reporting. Data is stored for one year.

  • Real-time

    You can access data on e.g. temperatures, moisture and CO2 concentrations any time you want. In terms of energy consumption, the service measures e.g. device specific electricity and water consumption. You can forget about manual entries and storing paper forms.

  • From processes
    to services

    Our services are ideal for professional kitchens, daily consumer goods stores, food processing and transport companies. We offer two basic packages: measuring for inside properties and in transit. On top of a startup fee and devices, you only pay service fees and for any additional services you require.

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    ”TempNet® Pharma significantly reduces manual records in wards and pharmacies. This saves members of staff one hour per day – resulting in savings of €4,000 per year. It also allows eliminating human errors. Medicine wastage is reduced by about 5-10% per year. In addition we avoided a loss of €175,000 when our refrigerator broke.”

    – hospital district pharmacist

    TEMPNET® PHARMA Keep medicines and laboratory samples safe

  • Automatic

    Sensire TempNet Pharma® is an easy and complete solution for monitoring conditions in medicine maintenance and laboratories and when transporting medicine and laboratory samples. It carries out measurements in real-time (e.g. temperatures, moisture, gamma radiation, device specific electricity and water consumption), gives alerts and produces reports for the authorities.

  • Guaranteed

    Using the online service you can access data from all your measuring points anywhere and at any time. Reliable Finnish servers guarantee data security. You won’t need any additional devices in your premises, and the service won’t be connected to your own systems.

  • Fixed and mobile

    We offer two basic packages: measuring for inside properties and in transit. On top of a startup fee and devices, you only pay service fees and for any additional services you require. You’ll soon make up for this in working time and medicine wastage!

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    “Sensire’s automatic online service is cutting edge. The mobility of temperature and moisture sensors is very good. It is easy to obtain condition measurements of specific targets. The system also produces real-time energy consumption data.

    The real-time energy measurement system gives you a good overall picture of consumption. Levelling consumption peaks is easy and brings savings.

    Sensire’s service has been flexible. They listen to us and our needs.”

    – managing director of a garden store

    Energy management online

  • All locations

    Sensire Energy Management shows you all your energy targets online regardless of location and measuring device. It tells you e.g. electricity, water and heat energy consumption and quality, consumption of other substances (e.g. gas) and heat, moisture etc. conditions inside and outside.

  • From invoicing
    to carbon footprint

    Whatever your needs, we can offer you a complete package. You can e.g. compare actual consumption with the budget and receive energy certificates and reports. The service indicates saving targets, alerts you about consumption limits and instructs you on solutions. You can save online, automatically.

  • Savings, efficiency
    and predictability

    Would you like to be able to detect indoor air problems immediately? Avoid tariff peaks or compare the costs of your refrigerating equipment. Your energy costs will quickly be reduced when you know how to utilise savings targets and avoid consumption peaks. If you experience an unexpected fault, clear instructions help to minimise the damage.

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    Pioneer in remote data

    Sensire was established in Finland in 2001, and is now a leading remote data collection company in Northern Europe. Our mission is to help our customers operate in an energy efficient and high quality way, in line with environmental and sustainable development principles.

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    Usability first

    The sensor network technology based applications developed by us produce, relay and refine data into the required form wirelessly and automatically. Our Instaview® interface has revolutionised the usability of remote data services in a unique and creative way.

    Guaranteed quality

    Our products are EU certified, and we use the ISO 9001 quality system. Our system is open: services can be connected to different devices already installed in the premises of customers. As Cleantech experts we invest in genuinely intelligent solutions that meet customer needs.

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